Our Story

About Us

Sunny Brae Hops is nestled in the Cumberland Valley in Pennsylvania amongst fertile rolling farmland and mountainous forested ridges. The area is rich in history, culture, and natural resources.

We started this venture in 2013 in order to find a fulfilling career that contributed to the local economy and community. We found that our educational backgrounds combined with our passion for locally grown food, homebrewing, and farming culminated in the desire to grow hops for local craft brewers.

We focus our attention to growing high quality hops in a way that is in sync with nature as much as possible. We use mechanical and cultural methods as our first line of defense against pests, weeds, and disease.  We are constantly learning and trying new ideas.

Growing high quality hops for local craft brewers is a labor of love that we don’t regret! I hope you will also be as passionate about our locally grown hops as we are!


Our Logo

The inspiration for our logo was taken from photos of English hopyard workers on stilts circa 1940. It is an interesting and unique part of the hop industry history.  It also represents a time when the hops yards were smaller, more of the work was done by hand, and they were family operations. We too, at Sunny Brae Hops, are a small family owned business that does much of the work by hand to produce a great quality product.