I’m interested in

growing hops,

can you give us a tour?

Before you go any further in your quest to grow hops, you should give an honest answer to the following questions;

1)Have you always wanted to farm and nothing but farm regardless of income?

2)Are you willing to forego vacations?

3)You have one day to get your down mildew sprays on but the guys/gals want to go fishing or it’s the grand kids birthday party… will you spray or skip it?

4)There is no hop shortage so who is going to buy your hops? Is it in writing?

5)Why should anyone buy your expensive hops?

6)Do you really want to be a farmer? There’s nothing magic about hops, it’s just farming and a difficult kind of farming at that.

Thanks to Van Timmeren Hop Farm in Michigan for this list

Also, check out this post: https://47hops.com/hop-farming-6-things-consider-starting-hop-farm-today/

Think we’re being overdramatic? We aren’t, we’re being honest. So after you honestly answer the questions above, and decide the farming is the right move for you and your life, then we recommend you start putting together a business plan, reviewing the links below, and taking a hard look at the enterprise budgets that Cooperative Extension developed.

Michigan State- Getting Started- http://msue.anr.msu.edu/topic/hops/getting_started

Hop Growers of America- Cost of Production- https://www.usahops.org/growers/cost-of-production.html

University of Vermont- Hop Project- http://www.uvm.edu/extension/cropsoil/hops#vthops

Small Business Administration- Business Plan- https://www.sba.gov/business-guide

If you’ve done all the research and still have questions, we’d be happy to help you. Feel free to email us with specific questions or get information about a workshop.