Hop Growers of America- Small Growers Council Member

We are proud to be grower members of the Hops Growers of America. Adam is also on the Small Growers Council for this national organization, trying to bring the needs and value of small hop growers into the national spotlight.


Northeast Hop Alliance- Board member

SBH is a member of the Northeast Hop Alliance and Adam serves on the board of directors. The Northeast Hop Alliance (NeHA) welcomes hops growers, brewers, educators, and supporters to join them in promoting hops as a specialty crop in the Northeast, and to restore hops as the profitable agricultural industry that once thrived in this area for nearly 150 years.


PA Preferred Program- Farm Member

PA Preferred was created to ensure that Pennsylvanians are supporting fellow Pennsylvanians, our neighbors, friends, family. By purchasing products made in PA you are making a difference by restoring pride in our homegrown products and helping our economy. We our proud to be a part of the rich farming community in PA and provide high quality local hops to breweries near you.


Agricultural Land Preservation (Cumberland County)- Board Member

The purpose of the ACE Program is to protect viable agricultural lands by acquiring agricultural conservation easements that prevent the development or improvements of land for any purpose other than agricultural production.  The Agricultural Land Preservation Board is responsible for overseeing implementation of the Agricultural Conservation Easement (ACE) Program.