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Local, unique, high quality hops grown with integrity and purpose

Hops Grown with Integrity and Purpose

We grow and supply local high quality hops while maintaining a high standard of integrity in all aspects of business.

Our Story

Our mission is to grow local high quality hops for brewers in the region while also maintaining a preeminent level of environmental stewardship. We strive to make a positive and sustaining impact on the local community and our customers.

Our Hops

We offer high quality wet (fresh) hops and dry whole cone hops. We are continually working with our customers to provide them a quality product that best suits their needs. We are growing commonly used hops as well as experimenting with heritage and less common varieties.

Our Community Involvement

We are committed to making a positive impact on the local community and have collaborated with several breweries for special small batch events to celebrate local hops. We are also involved with organizations that value and celebrate the local craft brewery industry.

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